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The Rock Pool is Chill with a Book's "Book of the Month"!!

My thanks to the judges at Chill with a Book for selecting The Rock Pool as Book of the Month for July 2020.
This is a great honour and surprise. The Chill with a Book community is a great resource for indie writers.

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New Review for Undivulged Crimes

My thanks to Ian Thomson for his comprehensive and enthusiastic review of Undivulged Crimes which appears on his website, on Goodreads, and on his LinkedIn page.
If anyone hasn't discovered Ian's short stories and novels, you can find them here. His perception, wisdom and spleen are wittily set out on every page. 
We eagerly await his forthcoming novel, A Dish of Apricots.

The Rock Pool wins an award!

My thanks to Pauline Barclay and the judges at Chill with a Book for the Premier Reader's Award for The Rock Pool.

The Chill Awards are for independent writers and provide exposure, promotion and recognition to authors choosing to self-publish. It provides a useful network and community for writers, editors, cover designers and others associated with book preparation and production.

The judges' comments on the book were generous and I am honoured and humbled.

This is a beautiful book in many ways. It is beautiful written and takes the reader back to those days when, as growing up, we saw the future as bright, positive and every dream could be realised. Mr Reidy takes you on a journey from when life was about nothing more than enjoying yourself, finding new adventures to the reality of adulthood. The book’s pace is perfect. The characters are real enough to feel you are a guest at their lobster parties, their graduation balls, at their side during their travels. It is a book about…

The Cause for the Canonisation of G K Chesterton

While shaving this morning, I was considering the cause for the canonisation of G K Chesterton, as one does.

While he long defended the Church, and what we know of his life suggests that he will have been let into heaven (the definition of a saint), I wonder if his life was saintly as we understand it.

He was devout. He was faithful (always carrying a pistol to defend his wife). I expect his piety was genuine and that he attended Mass and said his prayers.

But is he someone through whom I would pray asking for intercession? He's not the first person to come to mind. Also, I am not aware of any miracles associated with him.

In favour of his cause, wouldn't it be great to have a new saint who lived in the world in every sense? Who struggled, who worked for a living, who knew both success and opposition; someone who was alive almost in living memory and of whom stories are still told as personal anecdotes; who appears in photographs and in films?

Also in favour of St Gilbert is that h…

A Nero Wolfe Mystery

One of my lockdown rediscoveries was the 2001-2002 series, A Nero Wolf Mystery. The series of twenty episodes was made for A&E and adapted Rex Stout’s novels and novellas written between 1940 and 1966.
The eponymous Nero Wolfe is a 300-pound detective and orchid-grower with a taste for gourmet food. He is also distinguished by his bare tolerance of other people and the fact that he seldom ventures from his New York brownstone. Nevertheless, as the greatest detective in the world, his doorbell and telephone are always ringing, while his excesses are kept in check by his right-hand man, Archie Goodwin.
There are several features that distinguish this series (which one can see blurry versions of on YouTube) or download elsewhere. The stories are set in an amorphous time, probably in the mid-1950s, but there are many 1940s vehicles still on the streets, and many anachronisms. However, these do not detract or even jar, such is the slickness of the production design.
This masterful design…

Changes to Mount Rushmore to Remove Slave Owners

KEYSTONE, SD – In response to the removal of statues of slave traders, imperialists and Confederates, plans are underway for a major face-lift at Mount Rushmore.
Recognising that both Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, their removal reflects the new awareness of public sensitivities. 
While the actual re-carving of will be a lengthy process, the early signs are that choosing who should replace the two disgraced presidents could take even longer.
Wilbur Johnson of the National Parks Service commented, “Back when the original statues were carved, there was scant regard for health and safety procedures. Today, sophisticated scaffolding on a massive scale is needed for the work to be compliant.”
There aren’t many companies who could do this, but a leading contender would be Eiffel Constructions métalliqueswhich already has connections with American monuments, having done the internal structure of the Statue of Liberty.
Among the proposed replacement presidents are Barack Obama, Frank…

Stick to your guns, J K Rowling

I'd like to express support for J K Rowling's right to express her thoughts - on anything - if they are considered, based on her experience and not motivated by hate, fear, or a desire to cause harm.

We each find the world as we find the world. Better people think about things they find. The best try to improve the human condition.

Let me say now that my interest in LGBT matters is about the same as my interest in the Balinese copra trade of the thirteenth century, but I don't think sex sexual preferences should be the basis of discrimination.

J K Rowling is the target of the Schadenfreude Stasi for no legitimate reason. Free societies enable their residents to express personal opinions, and that is all that she has done.

The problem goes back to the observation made many year ago by William F. Buckley, Jr. when he noted:

Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.

The intolerance of other vie…